RACE - Environmentally Friendly Natural Leather Care

Simply the best leather care products available

RACE Leather Care is a range of products catering for all finishes of leather. They Include: RACE Wax - ideal for Saddlery, Motor Cycle Leathers, Walking Boots, Shooting Equipment, etc, RACE Supplehide Lotion - ideal for fine leather, upholstery, car seats, footwear, luggage, handbags, briefcases etc, and RACE Supplehide Spray - a quick and easy to use conditioner for all finishes of leather upholstery including Anoline.

Leather is like a sponge. It absorbs water and expells it in dry conditions. The fibres under the hide expand and contract. It is when the water has evaporated naturally that the leather needs conditioning and feeding.

RACE - not only revitalises leather understress but waterproofs and supples up the hide. Suitable for leather walking boots, motorcycle leathers, boots & gloves, cartridge bags, gunslips and equine equipment.

RACE - works by penetrating the hide and coating the fibres giving nutrition to the leather. Because Race is natural it allows the hide to breathe. A finish can be obtained by allowing to dry and buffed up with a soft brush if necessary.

RACE Wax is ideal for:

RACE Supplehide Lotion is ideal for:

RACE Supplehide Conditioner Spray is ideal for:

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