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I received my order this morning - just 2 days after placing my order. Thank you very much for the excellent service. I was very pleased to find your website and to be able to buy your Leather Care Wax directly from you. Your prices and postage charges are much lower than I had previously paid at another retailer's website.

Your Leather Care Wax is the best product I have used for protecting and conditioning leather. I bought it originally to treat a heavy leather coat which was quite stiff and did not soften or improve with wear. I used your wax on the coat, and it is now much more supple and comfortable. I have also used the wax on belts, wallets and bags, and even on leather watch straps. In all cases, it has improved the feel and appearance of the leather, and, I believe, provided protection and prolonged the life of each item. I intend to try it next on hiking boots and shoes, as it is easier to apply than other waxes and products I have used.

Your advice on using Supplehide Conditioning Lotion was very welcome, and I'm sure it will be perfect for our leather recliner chair.

Many thanks again for your advice, and for your excellent service and products.
Geoffrey Evans

I have known Claire for some years as we both worked at the Houses of Parliament where Claire treated the leather in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

As a motorcyclist, I have tried various leather treatment products I have come across at autojumbles and the like. Mentioning to Claire that I never found one to be completely waterproof, she gave me a sample of her product to try.

I rode to a Motorcycle rally a good distance from my home, during which I was caught in a torential downpour wearing only my Leather jacket and trousers that had been treated with RACE Wax. When I arrived, on seeing I was wearing only leathers, somebody commented, "you must be absolutely saturated", but no, my leathers were as dry as a bone, not even damp, I had seen the way the water had just run off these treated leathers.
Peter Charlton

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